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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

もうすぐ Windows Azure Conf



明日の11月15日AM1:30~AM10:00(日本時間)まで、Windows AzureConfが開催されます。


Windows Azure Overview
Scott Guthrie (@scottgu)

Build Speedy Azure Applications with HTML 5 and Web Sockets Today
Rick Garibay (@rickggaribay)

Windows Azure Mobile Services - Backend for Your Windows 8, iOS, and Android Apps
Sasha Goldshtein (@goldshtn)

Solving Security and Compliance Challenges with Hybrid Clouds
Eric D. Boyd (@EricDBoyd)

Windows Azure Services Throttling and Fault Handling
Mihai Tataran (@mihai_tataran)

How Achieves Great Performance for a Low Cost
Johnny Halife (@johnnyhalife)

Windows Azure + Twilio == A Happy Tale to Tell
Panagiotis Kefalidis (@pkefal)

Building Elastic, Autoscalable Solutions with Windows Azure
Mihai Tataran (@mihai_tataran)

Elevating Windows Azure Deployments
Michael Collier (@michaelcollier)

Building Cross-Platform Media Apps using Windows Azure Media Services
Eric D. Boyd (@EricDBoyd)

Continuous Delivery Zen with Windows Azure
Magnus Martensson (@noopman)

JavaScript, Meet Cloud: Node.js on Windows Azure
Sasha Goldshtein (@goldshtn)

Windows Azure and Embedded Devices
Andy Cross (@andybareweb)